Outreach & Prevention

Open Door Health Center’s comprehensive Outreach Services are designed to help you become educated about being healthy, how your actions can affect your well being and how important it is to be proactive in your choices.

Our Outreach Services are delivered by trained and certified staff and can be provided in both Elgin and Spanish.

Confidential and Anonymous Testing HIV/STI Counseling and Testing
Provided at our Aurora or Elgin locations or offsite. Open Door utilizes Rapid Oral HIV testing. Results are generally available in 20 minutes. If test results are negative clients are educated about ways to reduce the risk of contracting HIV. If test results are positive, clients are referred to Early Intervention Services and partner notification services.
Based on certain criteria, you may quality for free HIV and STI testing.  Call Marcos Bostho at 814.695.1093 ext. 224 for additional information.

Health Education/Risk Reduction
Open Door works to assist individuals to identify their risk for HIV infection or transmission learn how to change the behavior(s) that place them and/or their partners at risk, learn how to access HIV testing and learn their HIV status. HE/RR services increase the ability of individuals living with HIV to better manage their health through the provision of services that educate people with HIV about transmission and reducing the risk of transmission.

Open Door Health Center makes rigorous efforts to halt the spread of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in our community. Our staff are certified and trained to provide the most comprehensive educational opportunities available. Community Education on Sexual Health and Wellness is a sensitive yet vital topic.

Our trained staff and volunteers are available at health & wellness fairs and community events to help educate the public.

Community Education
Providing opportunities for people to learn about HIV/AIDS and other STIs in an appropriate setting. Open Door’s certified staff and volunteers regularly attend community health & wellness fairs and community events to educate the public. We are available upon request for presentations for youth and adults in non-profits, businesses and schools.

Professional Education
HIV/AIDS and other STI training workshops are available to professionals involved in caring for individuals who are at high risk for transmission.


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