Impact & Finances

Open Door is dedicated to increasing services and improving quality for the community. In 2015 Open Door grew significantly and made a positive impact on many people.

Our highlights from 2015 include:

  • Open Door served 1,100 Patients, 592 People Living with HIV/AIDS
  • 72% of our patients identify as male, 27% as female and 1% as transgender
  • We serve a diverse population including 46% Caucasian, 26% Hispanic, 22% African American and 3% Asian
  • We believe in listening to our clients!
    • 86% of our patients surveyed believe their health is stable because of the Open Door medical care they receive
    • 92% believe their case manager listens to their concerns and cares
    • 86% received educational information regarding their behavioral health questions
    • 83% are satisfied with how the Open Door medical team addresses their health needs
  • Open Door is making positive strides in meeting the goals set forth by the Office of National AIDS Policy and HRSA including:
    • 95% of Open Door HIV+ patients are retained in care
    • 92% of Open Door HIV+ patients are on Antiretroviral Therapy
    • 89% of Open Door HIV+ patients have a suppressed viral load

For a copy of Open Doors 2015 Impact Report, please click here.

For a copy of Open Doors Audited Financial Records, please click on the year below.

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